Thow back Father’s Day


By J.D. Barton


Always known as

Daddy’s little girl

His pride and joy

His cherished pearl


Always loved in

Love’s truest form

Love that never grew tired

Never tattered or torn


Always kept

Just at arm’s length

Just to make sure I was

Sheltered with strength


Always set free

And given what was wanted

Realizing not what was

Taken for granted


Suddenly stripped of

All that was known

Unable to cope

Even though I was grown


Now lessons learned

Of what’s important in life

Love and family

Through merriment and strife


Always give to my child

What was given to me

By my dear old dad

Who has been set free

Frogs, owls, and bass pounding from far away. A gentle breeze, rustling leaves and chirps and buzzes of unknown creatures. Distant, deep conversations of lovers nearby. This is where I come to escape the silence.

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